• Crafting Your Character

    Well, another Awards season has wrapped and we watched from the sidelines as bold statements were made, style barriers were broken down and the roads less traveled were gingerly stepped

  • Gold Price and its Effects on Jewelry Stores – Raleigh, NC

    Just this past week gold prices hit a six month high at $1728. While this is still a ways away from the $1900 prices we saw in 2011 many analysis

  • Oldest Jewelry Store in Raleigh is Back?

    After all of the news stories, radio advertisements and, signs in the windows we all thoughts the Raleigh jewelry store Jolly’s was closing forever. Well it turns out that Frank Ragsdale couldn’t

  • The Oscar Jewelry has gone to the Dogs

    This year we found not only did the canine actor Uggie from the best picture winner The Artist get his own seat. He also was wearing a custom made 18kt