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Custom Jewelry FAQs

See below for our commonly asked questions regarding custom jewelry and process to craft a custom piece.

How does the custom jewelry process work?

At JM Edwards, we customize jewelry in a number of ways including CAD/CAM, hand fabrication, and hand-carved waxes to fit what will work best for your piece. The typical stages of the 3-step design process are as follow:

  1. Design Meeting – Every custom jewelry design process begins with an initial meeting where you’ll work one-on-one with our custom jewelry designer. Together, you’ll discuss your vision, metal types, and the stones or diamonds you wish to incorporate. 
  2. CAD Model – We’ll take your design concepts and stone choices and build them into a CAD (computer-aided design) model. CAD software is used to create a precise illustration of your jewelry, allowing you to see your design in a 2-D or 3-D rendering.   Once the digital model is complete, we’ll review the custom design with you and discuss any further changes.
  3. Production – We will take the CAD model you approved and prototype it into a physical model to be cast in the metal of your choice. From there, our designers will complete all of the finishing, stone setting, and fabrication necessary to create the perfect piece for you. 

What if I have a specific budget?

No worries! During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss your budget and design preferences so we’re able to create a stunning piece that suits your style and stays within your desired price range.

How long does the process take?

The time frame to custom make a piece of jewelry can vary depending on its style. However, it generally takes 2-5 weeks to complete your custom design. If you have a specific time frame that needs to be met, we’re happy to accommodate that. 

How much does a custom piece of jewelry cost?

The final cost for a custom design is different for each customer. Once we discuss your design concepts and materials, our jewelry specialists will create a customized quote for your completed piece.

I have a picture of a piece of jewelry that I like. Can you copy it?

While we can not create an exact replica, our jewelry designers are happy to use any photos as inspiration.

Can you repurpose existing jewelry?

Yes. Our repurposed jewelry service lets you turn your unworn jewelry into a new, modern-day treasure. Whether you’re updating your engagement ring, creating a fresh, new design, preserving a family heirloom or birthstone, we’ll help you reimagine these pieces into something you’ll love to wear.

Can you reuse diamonds?

Yes. In fact, diamonds are the best stone for repurposing because they are the toughest and most durable. No matter the cut or size, we’re happy to take your existing stones and create a custom diamond piece. 

Can I upgrade my engagement ring?

Yes. We can reuse your original diamond and incorporate additional stones, or start from scratch and create a new design you’re sure to cherish for years to come.