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Creating Her Perfect Ring

The J.M. Edwards shopping experience far exceeds other jewelry stores.  Our expert staff allows you to be involved with the design process of your diamond engagement ring from beginning to end.  Once the diamonds to be featured are selected, renderings of the engagement rings are executed.  The fabrication process is determined and can be executed by our staff.

You should first establish what your budget is for the completed ring.  Afterwards, you can then determine how much should be spent on the featured diamond, and how much should be spent on the mounting.  Both the diamond selection and the mounting selection are equally important.  Generally, two months salary has been suggested for a budget.
Raleigh Custom Engagement Rings
At J.M. Edwards Jewelry, we want to make sure that the ring design you select is comparable in quality to the diamond you select.  It is a purchase that should last, and it represents the lifetime commitment a couple makes. The engagement ring design should fit the lifestyle and personality of the person to receive it.  It is J.M. Edwards’ mission to make the experience one you will reflect upon with fond memories for the rest of your life.

Whether you are searching for the whimsical or the traditional, it is all possible with our talented group of goldsmiths and designers. Come visit our expert jewelers and have them explain the different processes in jewelry making.   J.M. Edwards prides itself with the ability to produce beautiful diamond engagement rings in house and keep the art local. Email for your free seminar today.   Private guided tours of our shop are available with an appointment.