Raleigh’s Finest Custom Jewelry

At J.M. Edwards we pride ourselves in designing and fabricating the finest jewelry not only in the Cary and Raleigh areas, but also in the entire Southeast. All of our custom jewelry is made in house in our full service jewelry shop found on the second floor. Our unique expressions tell a story of our quest for beauty.  Recurring elements appear, yet are assembled in a one of a kind fashion.  You have the opportunity at J.M. Edwards Jewelry to inspire a piece with your own individualism.

Custom Jewelry Cary NC

With a brilliant spark of inspiration, original J.M. Edwards Jewelry designs come to life in a well thought out process marrying art and engineering. Science meets art as a piece of jewelry is engineered in a two dimensional rendering to exact proportions.  Beautiful jewelry must also be functional.  J.M. Edwards Jewelry is designed to be worn and adored.

Custom Jewelry Rendering Raleigh NC

With unyielding attention to detail, each J.M. Edwards Jewelry design represents the endurance of our craftsmen’s quest for perfection.  From the beginning flame of the torch, like a phoenix, the jewel emerges.

Custom Jewelry Creation Raleigh

While many pieces use old world techniques of hand rendering and hand fabrication, our state of the art cad/cam process adds a cosmopolitan dimension to many designs. At J.M. Edwards Jewelry we are able to make your ideas come to life. Please contact us with any questions regarding the custom jewelry design process.
Raleigh Custom Jewelry