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Engagement Ring FAQs

Why should I purchase my diamond engagement ring from J.M. Edwards Jewelry?

-All engagement rings come with a lifetime guarantee against workman’s defects.

-You will always receive free cleaning of your engagement ring and security checks on your diamond setting as often as you wish.

-Free rhodium plating on white gold engagement rings for life.

-Your trade in value is always equal to the amount paid for the original diamond.

-Every J.M. Edwards diamond ring purchase will receive an insurance appraisal for you and your insurance company.

-Each diamond engagement ring will have a free ring sizing for the first year of wear.

-30 day money back guarantee on the purchase of any diamond.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Typically it has been the rule that a man should spend two months salary on an engagement ring. Of course this is only a guideline, and you should spend what amount is right for you and your soon to be fiancé.

Should I insure the engagement ring I am about to purchase?

Absolutely, we recommend that any piece of jewelry that is appraised for over $1,000 should be insured. Please contact us or your insurance company with any other questions about how to insure your engagement ring.

What are the differences between white gold and platinum?

White gold is an alloy of gold and a number of other white metals used to make the appearance look less yellow. Typically you will see 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt which are 41.7%, 58.3%, and 75% pure gold respectively. The other material that make up the alloys will vary – in the past, nickel was used but today we are using nickel free alloys instead due to the fact that many people have allergies to this metal. The nickel free alloys typically use percentages of silver and palladium.

One of the features of white gold that many consumers do not like is the fact that white gold is not actually pure white.  White gold in its raw form has a tint of yellow to it. Because of this, most white gold pieces are rhodium plated, which makes them have a pure white appearance. Unfortunately this plating does wear away over time, but any white gold engagement ring that is purchased at J.M. Edwards Jewelry will receive free rhodium plating for life. Platinum on the other hand is a naturally white metal so no plating is necessary. Platinum is also used in a much purer form than gold is in jewelry applications, generally 90 or 95%.

Platinum is a much more dense metal than white gold making a much heavier piece of jewelry. Platinum is also a more durable material than white gold. On the other hand, white gold is more hard and more brittle than platinum. These and other characteristics don’t make one material better than the other, but they do make certain materials more suitable for certain designs than others. During the design process we will consult you on what material is most suitable for your style of engagement ring.

How often do white gold engagement rings need to be rhodium plated?

The length of time between rhodium plating will vary depending on how rough she is on her engagement ring and the thickness of the plating. But generally rings should be rhodium plated every 12 to 18 months.

Are all diamond lab reports the same?

All lab reports are not the same.  Every laboratory has it’s own standards.  Even though all lab reports have adopted the G.I.A.’s nomenclature,  certain laboratories are not as reliable in their grading process.

Is a colorless diamond (D-F) better than a near colorless diamond(G-J)?

No, just because a colorless diamond is more expensive than a near colorless diamond does not make it better. The reason that they are more expensive is because they are more rare.

How do I find her ring size?

There are many ways to get her ring size. One of the easiest ways is to make a note of a ring she wears on her ring finger (preferably her left hand, but either will work) and when she is not wearing it bring it in to us so we can get a quick measurement.

As long as you are fairly close to her ring size it is very easy to make minor size adjustments once you have given it to her, and of course ring sizings are free for the first year on any engagement ring purchased at J.M. Edwards Jewelry.