Nontraditional Engagement Rings in Raleigh NC

While 95% of the men in the market for an engagement ring still go to the traditional colorless diamond, the other 5% is looking for something a little different. At J.M. Edwards we see a good share of customers that come in looking for alternative stone instead of a diamond. Much of this may be fueled by the popular culture like the recent romantic comedy The Five Year Engagement where Jason Segel’s character proposes using a antique ruby ring. Another example is  when Mark Zuckerberg decided to go with a simple ruby engagement ring as well. And we can’t forget the sapphire and diamond royal ring that was given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. Often a couple will decide that they would like the option of an engagement ring that is different from everyone else but wants to stay with the traditional colorless diamond. Sapphires and rubies are not always right for every girl, in this case custom design always is a good choice. By custom making the engagement ring, she will have a one of a kind ring that no one else will have. Unlike any other jewelry store in Raleigh, we specialize in custom making jewelry. So from start to finish J.M. Edwards Jewelry will walk you through the custom design process so it will go as smooth as possible.