Finding a Quality Jewelry Store in Raleigh, NC

In the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area there is certainly no shortage of jewelry stores. But out of all those Raleigh jewelry stores how many of them have a jeweler on staff, and a graduate gemologist on staff? Not as many as one would think, many Raleigh jewelry stores can not even tighten a loose stone in your ring.  Now, ask how many of those Raleigh jewelry stores also have a certified gemologist appraiser on staff,  and the list get’s even shorter. At J.M. Edwards Jewelry we pride ourselves on the fact that we have some of the most qualified and respected jewelers, gemologists, and appraisers in the Raleigh area.

When a customer is looking for a fine jewelry store in Raleigh, they should accept nothing less than a AGS certified jewelry store. The American Gem Society was created for one purpose, and that is to protect the consumer. AGS certified jewelry stores adhere to the highest standards of business practice and ethics. Also these jewelry stores have the expertise and skills to allow the consumer to make the most informed buying decision. AGS jewelers mush earn their credentials through comprehensive examinations and must keep current on jewelry industry trends to keep their certification. When one is looking for a high quality ethical  jewelry store in the Raleigh area they should always ask if that store is AGS certified, if the anwser is no, then don’t shop there because the that store typically doesn’t have the customers best interest in mind.