Jolly’s Jewelers of Raleigh is Closing

We are sad to say that Jolly’s Jewelers and Silversmith of Raleigh has announced that they will be closing after the holidays. Jolly’s Jewelers is one of the oldest retail jewelry stores in North Carolina, being founded over 130 years ago.

Frank Jolly Ragsdale is the fifth generation of their family to run the long time jewelry store. According to a local news station Frank says that “there is no further interest among the members of my family to continue operating the Raleigh jewelry store.” The recession has not helped Jolly’s Jewelers in the past few years either. Frank also says the the jewelry industry is suffering from a lack of integrity. At J.M. Edwards Jewelry, we have to agree with that statement after seeing certain Raleigh jewelry stores business practices.

At J.M. Edwards Jewelry we are very sad to see Jolly’s Jewelers go, they were one of the great Raleigh Jewelry Stores. Frank, you will be missed.