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  • 5 of the Most Expensive Desserts that Feature Jewelry

    Who doesn’t love a good dessert every now and again after a wonderful dinner out? Many diners love to indulge, but there are several restaurants around the globe that take

  • 4 Jewelry Trends for Fall

    Now that October is upon us, we’re ready to welcome cooler temperatures, pumpkin-spiced desserts, and, of course, fall’s latest jewelry trends. Between fashion weeks, award shows, red carpet events and

  • What Do Your Earrings Say About You?

    When it comes to jewelry, it’s always fun to experiment with different looks and change up your style based on your mood, outfit choice or dress code of an event

  • 6 Ways To Wear A Brooch

    Next time you strut the streets of downtown, look stylish and classy with an alluring brooch.  With a variety of ways it can be worn, a stunning brooch is a

  • 2013 Engagement Ring Trends

    What are the new trends that are making the women of 2013 rush to the alter? A Twist in the Classic. A popular choice among the newly engaged has been

  • The Real Season of Gifting

    If you’re like us your social calendar for June is nearly filled to the brim. The flurry of weddings, Father’s Day, and those birthdays that always seem to pop up

  • Your Consumer-driven Jewelry Designers

    As more and more shoppers move their efforts online, it is becoming apparent that jewelry stores need to do something drastically different in order to not just stay relevant, but

  • Napoleon’s Engagement Ring Sells for Almost $1 Million

    The engagement ring Napoleon Bonaparte gave to Josephine de Beauharnais has just recently sold at the Osenat auction house in France for an amazing 730,000 euros ($948,000). It is not unusual for incredible

  • Crafting Your Character

    Well, another Awards season has wrapped and we watched from the sidelines as bold statements were made, style barriers were broken down and the roads less traveled were gingerly stepped

  • Gold Price and its Effects on Jewelry Stores – Raleigh, NC

    Just this past week gold prices hit a six month high at $1728. While this is still a ways away from the $1900 prices we saw in 2011 many analysis