Crafting Your Character

jm edwards designing your custom jewelry
Well, another Awards season has wrapped and we watched from the sidelines as bold statements were made, style barriers were broken down and the roads less traveled were gingerly stepped upon as individuality shined brighter than the millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

As onlookers, we eagerly awaited the new trends that blossomed from each star and starlet, as they strolled the red carpets, heralding their garb, seemingly channeling the characters they portrayed on the silver screen.

Put your own unique character on display by giving (or wearing!) some of our in-house, custom-made jewelry crafted especially for you, with the goal of perfection in mind. The amount of attention we spend on each piece is unmatched and from initial sketch to sizing, we will make sure you are comfortable with every step. When it’s all over, you’ll revel in knowing your piece truly is one of a kind, ready to be infused into your character.

And not only that, National Jewel Day is March 13! Get that special someone a piece they can make their very own. Any shiny object will do!

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