6 Ways To Wear A Brooch

Next time you strut the streets of downtown, look stylish and classy with an alluring brooch.  With a variety of ways it can be worn, a stunning brooch is a must have accessory for every woman.


  •     Secure your scarf with a Brooch.  A gorgeous piece will not only improve your outfit, but will also keep a scarf in place.




  • Make a Brooch the center of attention on your bodice. Add a sparkling brooch and touch of class to any outfit.  The center location makes it a key accessory to make a plain or simple dress dazzle.


  •    Clip the back of your dress. A brooch can look elegant while creating a new back line for a dress or shirt.  It is always a handy piece to have if you want to change up your wardrobe without buying new clothes.


  • Decorate your hair. For days you want to appear stylish and sophisticated, position a brooch on an up-do or at the side of your head on a headband.
  •   Pin a brooch on a hat. Tie a ribbon onto a hat and secure it with a brooch or just pin a colorful piece to make a hat pop.


  • Sport a brooch at your waist.  For a more simple and understated look, pin it on the side of a wrap skirt or dress.

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