2013 Engagement Ring Trends

What are the new trends that are making the women of 2013 rush to the alter?

A Twist in the Classic.

A popular choice among the newly engaged has been rose gold.  Not only is it more affordable, but its unique shade compliments any skin tone as well.  The color has a feminine, pink appeal that ladies are vying for.  Some designers take advantage and completely make their rings from rose gold.  Others prefer to be subtler and make the pinkish tone an accent to a silver ring.  

Out with Tradition, in with the Dazzle.

Instead of picking the classic cut single white diamond, intricate settings and cool cuts are taking hold of the market.  Stones such as elongated rectangular diamonds and oval diamonds gives vintage touches to a modern style designers are crazy about.   As for settings, double halos are also becoming a trend that will stay.  Some use contrasting metals surrounding the diamond to create a much larger feel to the engagement ring.  Modern settings such as twists and bypasses in the band are also adding excitement to catch people’s eyes.

A Splash of Color.  

To make an engagement ring extraordinary, designers have been adding different shades to mix it up.  Blue sapphires, canary yellow diamonds and champagne diamonds have been a widespread pick in 2013.  Mixing metals also creates an entanglement of colors that give a twist to the typical band.

Jaw Dropping Styles.

Some unusual styles have emerged that designers have been embracing.  Stacking rings is an elegant, yet unique style that gives the buyer a variety of combinations.  This style portrays a toned down, casual flair to the ring.  Another trendy design is art deco, where again a vintage look has been thrown around with a modern style.  Rings with intricate, antiquated detailing compliments a more contemporary cut diamond that cannot be ignored.