Three Fascinating Facts About Jewelry

Though it may not be top of mind when you think of jewelry, the act of adorning yourself in jewels and metals dates back centuries upon centuries. Jewelry has truly stood the test of time, outliving many trends and products that have come and gone with the years, but what is the history behind all the many traditions of jewelry trends?

At J.M. Edwards we truly love jewelry! We are always reading up on new trends, looking for new ways to wear old staples, and learning every interesting fact we can. There are so many fun and interesting facts about different types of jewelry, where stones are created and the history behind why we wear jewelry the way we do.

We wanted to share with you three of our favorite fun facts, below!

Three Facts about Jewelry You May Not Know

Are you recently engaged? Have you ever wondered why married couples traditionally wear their rings on the fourth finger of their left hand? It’s actually quite fascinating, and there are several theories. One of those is that the tradition dates back to the Romans who believed that the fourth finger on the left hand was host to a vein that led directly to the heart. The vein, often referred to as the “Vein of Love,” has since been proven by scientists as nonexistent. Nonetheless, it makes for an interesting theory!

Did you know that pearls are naturally produced in about 1 out of 10,000 oysters? Pearls are formed by the oyster as a defense mechanism if an “intruder” makes its way into the shell. The majority of pearls today are cultured by man, through a process of inserting a small shell into the oyster to trigger its defense, or the beginning of creating the pearl. It takes a minimum of three years for the oyster to complete a pearl.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Are you looking for the perfect wedding rings for you and your spouse? Consider adding sapphires! In the symbolic language of jewels, a wedding ring with a sapphire in it means marital happiness.

Next time you put on a piece of jewelry or plan on buying a new piece, remember these fun facts! And if you want to know more great facts about jewelry, or are interested in purchasing a new piece, simply visit us at J.M. Edwards Jewelry!