The Perfect Valentines Day Jewelry

Want to win Valentines day this year?  Then overpriced chocolates, flowers that will wither away, and stuffed animals that will end up in a box somewhere, just wont cut it. Give your partner a gift that will last and they can treasure forever. The gift of fine jewelry! Here at JM Edwards that’s our specialty! Not sure what to get? We can help with that too! Here are a few good places to start when trying to pick out the perfect piece of valentines day jewelry for that special someone.

If they are classy and sweet…

Pearls are a good way to go!

Soft and delicate you cant go wrong with a pair of Pink pearl earrings. Also sure to delight would be a stunning yellow gold and diamond pearl ring. For something a little more feminine try a sweet mother of pearl pendant carved into soft flowers.

Pearls are believed to bring wealth and luck. As well as hold the ability to strengthen relationships making them a perfect valentines day jewelry gift.

Pretty Pearl Valentines Day Jewelry - Raleigh, Cary NC

MOP Flower pendant, 14kt yg and diamond pearl ring. 14kt wg pink pearl dangles 

…Trendy and modern…

 Go for Morganite!

Beautiful blush Morganite in rose gold is perfect for this holiday and all year round. Rose gold is associated with compassion and warmth. While Morganite is said to inspire love! Whether it is with a stunningly simple pendant or a fabulous ring its sure to win her heart.

Diamond Heart Valentines Day Jewelry - Raleigh, Cary NC

14kt Rose gold and morganite with Diamond Bypass ring and a 14kt Rose Gold simple morganite pendant

…Classic and strong…

Stick to the basics!

Simple and classic there may truly be nothing better to show how much you love them then with a diamond heart necklace! Rings and earrings are also an option! With plenty of heart shapes and styles there is certainly something out there for everyone. Diamonds are a girls best friend after all!

Diamond Heart Valentines Day Jewelry - Raleigh, Cary NC

Beautiful 14kt white gold and diamond heart earrings, ring, and necklace

Still uncertain of what to get? Come by and visit our show room in Cary and let our experienced sales associates help you pick out the perfect valentines day jewelry that is sure to delight!