Know Your Setting Styles


When designing your ideal engagement ring, it is important to be familiar with the various setting styles.  The setting you choose will depend upon your taste, but also your lifestyle. We’ve compiled a quick, informative list to help you understand the terminology and benefits of each.


Prong Setting

Three Stone Cushion Engagement ring

Prong setting is especially popular for engagement rings.  With minimal metal, it really shows off your diamond or colored stone. Prongs are placed over the surface of the stone and then shaped.  Depending upon the size and shape of the stone, there can be four prongs, with one on each corner, or six evenly spaced prongs.


Bezel Setting

Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring_

Bezel set gemstones have a rim of metal encircling the entire outer edge of the stone which holds it in place.  Bezel setting your diamond or colored stone is the most protective option, because the metal rim covers the outer edge, or the girdle, of the stone which is one of the more vulnerable areas.  This is compared to prong setting, which allows for more stone exposure. Bezels are a great option for people with active lifestyles.


Split Bezel Setting

Rose of Sharon 101-10036 (3)


Split bezels are very similar to traditional bezels, but instead of the metal rim going around the entire outer edge of the gemstone, it only covers about half.  They are either designed in a north-south or east-west orientation, creating a lighter, more feminine piece of jewelry.  Split bezel rings are a good choice for people who are highly active and want more protection for their gemstones.


Bead Setting

Ester Sapphire Ring 703-00006 (2)


Bead set gemstones are placed on top of a small hole that is drilled on the surface of the metal.  Once the stone is positioned properly, small beads of metal are raised from the surrounding surface to hold it in place.  Bead setting is perfect for adding accent diamonds to an engagement ring, like the one above. You may be familiar with the term “pavé” which refers to multiple rows of bead set stones, instead of just a single row.



Channel Setting

Channel Set Diamond Band 109-10236 (2)

Channel set gemstones are set side by side and suspended between two parralel walls of metal.  The result is a clean, sleek design.  Channel setting works great for adding accent stones to the sides of an engagement ring, or for creating a diamond band like the one above.  Because the outside walls of metal cover the edges, or girdles, of the stones, it is a very secure setting.



Flush Setting

Mens Diamond Wedding Band 109-10298


Flush set gemstones are embedded into the metal, creating a smooth profile between the top of the stone and the surrounding surface. This style is especially popular for men’s wedding bands because of its durability.


At J.M. Edwards, we specialize in creating one of a kind wedding and engagement rings.  We realize that education is an important aspect of the custom process, and hopefully this guide will help you choose and communicate your ideal design!