4 Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends We Love

As we leave 2013 behind and approach the New Year, we gain new trends in the fashion world. 2013 saw trends like minimal pendant necklaces, gold cuffs, mid-finger rings, and bold-dangle earrings, among many others. Admittedly, some of these trends are timeless, but leaving others in the dust for fresh trends is exciting!

Fashion magazines and blogs have been predicting 2014 trends since New York Fashion Week back in September. According to the trendmakers, 2014 will be full of fun, fresh jewelry inspiration – and there’s something for everybody!

In preparation for the New Year, we scoured through endless articles about spring’s upcoming jewelry trends, and compiled a few of our favorites.
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Pearls are a timeless piece of jewelry, in our opinion, but to see them all over the fashion runways this season is even more exciting. Pearls can be worn to dress up a casual outfit, or as a subtle jewelry statement with a more formal ensemble. These diamond and pearl earrings are great for an evening wedding, or with jeans and a white blouse for your everyday attire.

Primary School

Harper’s Bazaar noted that Primary School-inspired jewelry was a hot trend on the 2014 runways. Jewelry inspired by primary school means lots of fun, bright colors that work great as an accent, or can be worn to coordinate with other colors. This trend will bring pops of sapphire blue, ruby red, bright yellow, magnificent purple, and grass green into play. Think the 64-crayon Crayola box. This trend will likely be popular during spring and summer, especially. Our multi-color sapphire and diamond earrings play into this rainbow trend perfectly.


It’s not that gold ever really went out, but the runways suggest that gold is back in a big way this year. One of our favorite trends, gold goes with everything. Especially diamonds. Pair a gold piece of jewelry with a simple outfit to dress it up a bit. Be sure to hang onto it, because gold is always in.


Some fashionistas have dubbed this year the year of the “pin comeback.” Broaches, a timeless piece of statement jewelry, can be worn many different ways. One of our favorites is to feminize your menswear-inspired outfit (another Fall 2013-Spring 2014 trend) by adding this to a blazer worn over jeans and flats.

These are just a few of the jewelry trends projected for 2014. Of course, there are the classic jewelry statements that never go out, like diamonds. Should you find yourself seeking jewelry so that you can try out the latest trends, or you want to pick out a piece that will live through all the “trendy” years to come, contact the jewelry experts at J.M. Edwards Jewelry. We keep up to date with the latest and greatest in fashion, and specialize in helping our customers find the right jewelry for them.