2nd Annual Triangle Charity Polo Classic

J.M. Edwards was proud to sponsor the 2nd Annual Triangle Charity Polo Classic! This event is a great opportunity to get to know the impressive sport of horse polo while benefiting Transitions Guiding Lights, a wonderful charity that supports caregivers of those struggling with dementia.

Polo Match 2015 action

Polo is also a great opportunity to socialize!  Our guests enjoyed the polo match over food and drinks in our sponsorship tent.

Polo Match Tent

Miss North Carolina, Beth Stoval, stopped by our tent and visited with Caroline and Addy Rose. So many beauties in one picture!

Caroline with Miss NC and Addy

The match opens with a fleet of Maseratis!  Rose and Carl entered the field on one one of the luxury vehicles, bearing the winner’s cup.

Rose and Carl Maserati

No polo match would be complete without fabulous hats – and there were plenty!  Contestants for the Best Hat award lined up during halftime.  Later in the game, an award was also given for Craziest Pants.  Fashion is always an important part of the event.

Polo Match Hat Contest

Polo is one of the oldest team sports in world history.  It began more than 2,000 years ago on the plains of Persia. The sport arrived in the United States in 1876 via James Gordon Bennett, an “eccentric millionaire” who hosted the first recorded game at his private estate. Polo caught on quickly and continues to be an American favorite with over 250 polo clubs in 43 states.

Polo Team Action 2015

Team J.M. Edwards played a great game and made us very proud!

Rose with Polo Team