How to Properly Care for Your Engagement Ring

It’s easy to keep your engagement ring looking like it did on the day you said yes! Here are our recommendations for keeping your ring beautiful.

We strongly recommend having your ring checked professionally twice a year. Due to every day wear your prongs and loose, bend, or wear down. Doing so will significantly reduce your risk of loosing any of the diamonds or other stones out of your ring.

Next up, bring your ring to a jewelry store to have to cleaned and polished four times a year. Dirt and oil will build up under your stones dulling their sparkle and can also lead to irritation of your skin. If you notice your ring staring to look dirty and want a way to clean it at home the most effective method is using a little bit of dish soap on a soft toothbrush and lightly scrubbing your ring, rinse with warm water once done.

To extend the life span on your ring you should be sure to take off your engagement ring during hand-heavy activities like moving furniture, gardening, lifting weights and doing manual labor. Its also recommended to remove your ring before doing any sort of water activity as the water will make it easier for your ring to fall off.