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  • Your Consumer-driven Jewelry Designers

    As more and more shoppers move their efforts online, it is becoming apparent that jewelry stores need to do something drastically different in order to not just stay relevant, but

  • Gold Price and its Effects on Jewelry Stores – Raleigh, NC

    Just this past week gold prices hit a six month high at $1728. While this is still a ways away from the $1900 prices we saw in 2011 many analysis

  • The Bachelor Host Showing off a J.M. Edwards Engagement Ring

    The host of TV show The Bachelor is seen here showing off one of his stage crews recent engagement ring purchases from J.M. Edwards Jewelry. At J.M. Edwards Jewelry we

  • Christmas Jewelry Ideas From J.M. Edwards Jewelry

    The Holidays are here and we are seeing more and more Christmas shoppers coming in to J.M. Edwards Jewelry for a present for that special someone. Jewelry is the gift

  • Jolly’s Jewelers of Raleigh is Closing

    We are sad to say that Jolly’s Jewelers and Silversmith of Raleigh has announced that they will be closing after the holidays. Jolly’s Jewelers is one of the oldest retail

  • Finding a Quality Jewelry Store in Raleigh, NC

    In the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area there is certainly no shortage of jewelry stores. But out of all those Raleigh jewelry stores how many of them have a jeweler