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  • Know Your Setting Styles

      When designing your ideal engagement ring, it is important to be familiar with the various setting styles.  The setting you choose will depend upon your taste, but also your lifestyle. We’ve compiled a

  • Choosing a Nontraditional Engagement Ring

    While the majority of men buying engagement rings in the Cary and Raleigh area still go for traditional colorless diamonds, nontraditional ring choices are on the rise. Men will sometimes

  • 6 Ways To Wear A Broach

    Next time you strut the streets of downtown, look stylish and classy with an alluring brooch.  With a variety of ways it can be worn, a stunning brooch is a

  • The Real Season of Gifting

    If you’re like us your social calendar for June is nearly filled to the brim. The flurry of weddings, Father’s Day, and those birthdays that always seem to pop up

  • Your Consumer-driven Jewelry Designers

    As more and more shoppers move their efforts online, it is becoming apparent that jewelry stores need to do something drastically different in order to not just stay relevant, but

  • Crafting Your Character

    Well, another Awards season has wrapped and we watched from the sidelines as bold statements were made, style barriers were broken down and the roads less traveled were gingerly stepped

  • The Oscar Jewelry has gone to the Dogs

    This year we found not only did the canine actor Uggie from the best picture winner The Artist get his own seat. He also was wearing a custom made 18kt

  • Most Diamonds Ever Set in a Ring – Tsarevna Swan Ring

    The Lobortas Classic Jewelry House of Kiev, Ukraine has set a new world record. They entered the guniess book of world records for setting the most diamonds in a ring